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What Benefit does Reckless Driving Ever Provide?

Posted by on Jan 20, 2017

Two things may be true about reckless drivers: one is positive; the other is negative. On the positive side, they have great driving skills, thus the ability to weave through traffic and drive aggressively without; the negative side, they willfully and wantonly disregard the safety of other people and their properties.

Reckless driving is nothing more than sheer lack of respect for others and the law. Drivers know fully well if they are behaving recklessly on the road since being reckless was definitely not what applicants for a driver’s license were taught and trained to do in driving schools.

Though anyone can be guilty of driving recklessly, the ones most prone to this type of irresponsible road behavior, as shown in the records from both the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), are drivers aged between 16 and 19. As a matter of fact, every year, as many as 292,000 teen drivers are given emergency treatment in hospitals due to injuries, while about 2,650 others never get to see a new day again.

(Just) this April 22, 2015, a Toyota Prius that was driven by a female teen collided with a truck along Highway 50 near Stockton Boulevard in Sacramento. The truck had three occupants (all foreign senior citizens residing in Stockton), The accident, which claimed the lives of the female driver and three senior citizens, occurred before 2:30 am, while the female driver drove on the wrong side of the highway.

Accidents and injuries due to reckless driving are totally preventable; thus, it can be a cause of bewilderment to victims, their families, and traffic enforcers who are always left wondering and asking what could be so important that would make it worth compromising the safety of others.

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Being hurt in a car accident can cause life-changing effects in the victim and his/her family, including in the financial aspect of their lives. This is why making sure that their claim for damages is of vital importance. Legal assistance from a highly-skilled car accident or personal injury lawyer may make this pursuit attainable.

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