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Simple Driving Mistakes that are Actually Reckless

Posted by on May 27, 2017

We already know that reckless driving behaviors can result into traffic accidents. We have drunk driving, driving while under the influence of illicit drugs or medications, speeding, and weaving through traffic. But do you know that even the most innocent driving mistakes can be considered reckless and may cause accidents?

Driving While Distracted

Driving while distracted commonly occurs because of the driver’s confidence of his or her own driving skills and he or she truly believes that nothing bad is going to happen anyway. But sadly, many accidents today are caused by distractions, including food, drinks, grooming materials like combs and mirrors, and mobile devices.

Not Looking at Mirrors

Vision is an important aspect of driving. It allows you to detect possible collision hazards and other dangers. Unfortunately, not all hazards are right in front of you, so you have to utilize your sidemirrors and rearview mirrors to look out for these hazards. This can be particularly important during turns.

Not Using Signals

Signals are good ways to let other drivers know where you are about to go. This is important because you are giving them an idea of your future position, so they can react accordingly – they can slow, give way, or avoid you. If you don’t use your signals, especially in turning maneuvers, you are not giving them that idea.

Running Through a Red Light or Stop Sign

It doesn’t matter whether the intersection has a traffic light or stop sign. You should always follow it to avoid right-of-way issues and accidents that may arise from them. Many T-bone collisions occur because a vehicle from an adjacent road runs through a red light or stop sign and crashes into an innocent car.

Swerving to Avoid Obstructions

You are diligently traveling on the road when a pedestrian suddenly crosses the street. You try to avoid the pedestrian by abruptly swerving into the other lane. But instead of avoiding an accident, you actually cause one, as you hit another vehicle in that lane. During obstructions, it is better to slow down than to abruptly change lanes.

What You Can Do

According to the website of this Fort Worth car crash lawyer, those who have been injured because of car accidents may get compensation. This is especially true on instances where the injured are mere victims of an accident caused by a reckless party. In other words, you are not just dealing with injuries, but also lawsuits, if you do reckless things on the road.
The best to do is to avoid blatantly reckless driving behaviors and the simple driving mistakes above, to ensure that you are free of medical bills and legal fees.

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