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Look Younger, Boost Your Self-Esteem, Boost Your Sex Life and, according to Some, Make Your Clothes Fit Better through Breast Augmentation

Posted by on Apr 1, 2017

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), there were about 5.7 million reconstructive surgeries performed in 2013. Breast reconstruction, the last in the top six reconstructive procedures performed during the year, was undergone by 96,000 women, a 4% increase compared to 2012.

Breast reconstruction surgery usually follows a mastectomy or the removal of a female breast (usually due to cancer). This procedure attempts to repair a breast, that is, restore its shape, appearance and size. Although a breast may indeed be reconstructed, two of its expected consequences are: the sensation and feel of the reconstructed breast will not be the same as the one it replaced; and, the reconstructed breast will bear the incision lines.

Another surgical procedure many women undergo to look younger, boost their self-esteem, boost their sex life and, according to some, to make their clothes fit better, is breast augmentation, clinically called augmentation mammoplasty.

Breast augmentation is aimed at improving/restoring symmetry or increasing fullness of the breasts, enlarging naturally small breasts, or restoring breast volume which is greatly affected by pregnancy, weight reduction, breast cancer surgery or mastectomy.

Augmenting the breasts may be done through the use of implants that are placed under the breast tissue or chest muscles. Implants, which last about 10 years, has an outer layer that is made of firm silicone, while its inside may be filled with silicone gel, saline solution or salt water, or a composite of alternative substances.

Despite some of the risks associated with breast augmentation procedures (the fact is, any surgical procedure poses some kind of risk), this type of cosmetic surgery is safe. However, before finally deciding whether one should undergo breast augmentation and which implant to choose, it is necessary to discuss things first with your trained and certified cosmetic surgeon.

In its website, the Bergman Folkers Cosmetic Surgery mentions how highly individualized a breast augmentation procedure is; however, though it can be performed for corrective purposes, it cannot correct pendulous or sagging breasts. To restore the youthful firmness and shape of breasts, breast mastopexy or a breast lift will first be required; only after this breast lift may breast augmentation be performed.

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