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Drink Water the Way Water should be – Clean, Tasteless and Odorless

Posted by on Mar 29, 2017

Drinking water supplied to U.S. homes comes either from ground water or surface water. Ground water is located below the ground where it collects in spaces and pores in rocks and underground aquifers; surface water, on the other hand, is water collected in streams, reservoirs, lakes and rivers. This type of water is treated either by the government or privately-held facilities. With regard to ground water, however, there is never any guarantee that this goes through a treatment process.

Though surface water undergoes treatment, one has to be aware that most of America’s water still relies on using pre-World War I-era water treatment technology. Due to this, one can legitimately ask if this old technology is capable of removing 21st century substances that contaminate tap water. These substances can include lead, pathogens, arsenic, radon, industrial chemicals, pesticides, and haloacetic and trihalomethanes acids.

The way your  water tastes, smells, feels, and affects you and your household depends on a number of factors, including the quality of your well water, any possible contamination, the age of your water distribution system, your home’s plumbing, and possible violations to the federal drinking water standards.” In some states, like in South Texas, for instance, where the summer weather can cause the rapid growth of algae on the surface of water reservoirs, your tap water having taste and odor is not a remote possibility. Though the government assures the public that water is safe to drink despite the taste and odor it may have, residents cannot, and should not, leave anything to chance.

It is but true that the government should do all it can to make sure that everyone gets clean and safe drinking water whether at public water fountains or inside people’s home; citizens, however, can act on their own in making sure that the quality of their water is what they want it to be: colorless, tasteless and clean. This assurance may be possible by getting a home water conditioning system. This equipment will save you from any worries about your drinking water, which comes directly from your own faucet; you will also save money as you will no longer need to buy bottled water for your drinking needs.

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